WFA5090DZJ (YD-II Type) Geological Engineering Gadding Car

I. Main features:
1. This geological engineering gadding car uses dual power drive, the power of the vehicle and the power for the special device of the drill work separately. The vehicle uses Dongfeng ground car chassis 44 dual bridge drive, with carrying capacity of 5 tone and 3 persons. The special part for the drill is fully driven by hydraulic, and it is hydraulically powered by the 4100P type diesel engine, which favors to reduce wearing the vehicle engine and saving fuel to a large extent.
 2. Fully utilize the transmission of the hydraulic system to realize the combination of multi-mechanism movement, which concentrates various functions of static rotary, vibration impact with rotary, rope oscillating weight impact and piezocone penetration test (CPTU) together on one drill. It can be connected with the DTH hammer for down-the-hole drilling. The machine has a high suitability and can be used for multi purpose.
3. It is the first master piece in China and the world to combine the rotary power unit with the vibratory hammer and it can be moved away from the hole sit in transverse direction. This machine solve the difficulty that in China and the world, the drill can only vibrate which can not impact and rotate, if the vibrator should be used the same shall be installed additionally. It strengthens the capability of drilling-in and casing, favors fixing and dismantling the drill rod, shorten the operation time of lifting the drill, it has a significant effect on handling the geological stratification with cobble stone and gravel, as well as handling the accident during the underground drilling.
5. Strong plus pressure, strong elevation force, large output torque and strong drilling capacity can satisfy the demand for deep hole drilling.
6. Each kind of the mechanism is controlled hydraulically with high mechanization, operation is safer, more flexible, more comfortable and faster.
7. The rotary power unit is mechanically second gear infinitely variable speeds.
8. The winding machine is hydraulically driven with mechanically second gear variable speeds.
9. Compared with the current prospecting drill with identical type, this machine is the most scientific, the most advanced and the one with the best product performance, the work efficiency is 2~3 times better than the prospecting drill with identical type. The equipment structure and function of the drill are better than prospecting products in the world, however, the price is quarter of the imported drill. As who should say it is cheap and good with good value for money.
10. Simple for maintenance and repair with fast and convenient after-sale service and timely supply of spears.
II. Main functions:
1. This machine can satisfy the demand for prospecting and in-situ test of various kinds covered geological stratification during the Quaternary period, it is wildly used for industry, civil works, military facilities and roads, rail ways, bridges, water conservation, electric power, coal main, geological minerals, petroleum, sea port, municipal facilities, geophysical prospecting blast holes and basement rock drilling etc.
2. It has multi functions of static pressure, rotary, vibration strike, impact and static sounding etc.:
 A. Static pressure: it is used in a softer stratum; it drills in by pressing-in method and undisturbed sampling under static pressure (when necessary, static pressure with rotary is allowed).
B. Rotary with static pressure: it is used in drilling with various kind of clay, sand layer above the underground water level and weathered belt of the basement rock.
C. Vibration strike: it is used in drilling and casing with loosen sand, cobble stone and gravel layer etc.
D. Vibration strike with static pressure: improve and heighten the drilling performance and work efficiency of type A and C.
E. Static pressure, rotary with vibration strike: it is the optimal method used for drilling with complex stratum.
F. Rope oscillating weight impact: when drilling with method C is very slow, drilling with oscillating weight impact will be used, meanwhile undisturbed sampling with hammering method and dynamic sounding can be carried out, as well as the standard penetration test.
G. Static sounding in-situ test.
H. Rotary used in conjunction with slurry pump can be used for the drilling of rock, slurry wall for loosen stratum of the Quaternary period and deep hole drilling in.
I. Down hole bumping drilling: drilling by using the DTH hammer with compressed air.
III. Main technical parameters:
1. Applicable diameter of the drill rod:Ø42mmØ63mm
2. Bore diameter: pile hole Ø400mm, depth 20m
3. Exploratory hole: open hole Ø150mm, drill hole ended Ø91mmØ75 mm, depth 200m
4. System pressure: Rated 160Kfcm2, Max. 180Kfcm2
5. Up & down travel of the power unit: 4m
6. Elevation force of the power unit: Rated 10000Kf , Max. 15000Kf
7. Power unit plus pressure: Rated 9000Kf, Max. 10000K
8. Power unit feeding speed: 05mmin   infinitely variable speeds
9. Power unit quick-lift speed: Lifting 19mmin, dropping 28mmin
10. Rotation speed of the power unit: 0~400 RPM
11. Power unit torque: Rated 625Km, Max. 815Km
12.  Vibratory hammer impact frequency: 1100 times/min, Max. vibration impact force 1000 kg f
13. Winding machine: Max. lifting force 3500kg (single rope)
14. Lifting speed of the winding machine (second gear shift): 15m60mmin
15. Button punching torque of the breakout gun: Max. 500kg f.m
16. Swiveling speed of the breakout gun: 48 RPM
17. Continuous gyrotraverse moment of the breakout gun: 250kg.m
18. Clamping diameter of the pinch device: Ø38Ø146mm
19. Clamp force of the pinch device: 1000kg.f
20. Lifting force of the pinch device: 4000kg.f
21. Down force of the pinch device: 3000kg.f
22. Up & down travel of the pinch device: 150mm
25. Model of the slurry pump: BW450/5 (it is the power source which shares the 4100P type diesel engine)
26. Height of the drill tower: 7530mm
27. Power of the drill: 4100P type diesel engine, power 40Kw
28. Carrying capacity: 5T Front and rear dual bridge drive
29. Vehicle Power: gasoline engine or diesel engine
 30. Curb weight: 9500K10000K